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Client Testimonials

Great job! We found working with your company to be beneficial and professional. We will process the final invoice this week. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Eren and the rest of the team for a job well done! 

— Jeff Okely, Cobb EMC


Since implementing a system by Deau, we have saved hundreds of hours in employee time.

— Al Oliver, Special Projects Director,
Ackerman Security Systems

Document Scanning Solutions

Deau utilizes best in breed components from world-class vendors in order to construct a system that is built specifically for your needs. Whether you are supporting an office of 1, or 1000, Deau can find a solution that fits with your business objectives and your budget.

Document Scanning Services

Deau can provide services to convert (scan) your paper or microfilm documents to digital images, and then put those images into a retrieval system that you currently have or that Deau can provide.  As an option, the documents may also be housed on a secure host server, which you may access over the Internet for 24-hour worldwide access.

Document Study and Analysis

As a method to determine the best appropriate solution for management of documentation, Deau can perform a comprehensive document and workflow study using our proprietary “CEASE” methodology to determine a document solution set which is appropriate in scope, function, and cost.

Workflow Consulting

Companies looking to move into a more paperless space are often ill prepared for the paradigm shift that their workers will adapt to. We work with you, and with them, to ensure that the user adoption of a new system will be seamless, and keeping work disruptions to a minimum. Additionally, for companies that may not be ready to move into a scanning solution, we can work with them to identify redundancies within their processes, as well as help to ensure their compliancy with relevant regulations.

Fax Capture Solutions

Many customers accept incoming correspondence and orders through their fax machines. By setting up an incoming fax monitor, you can be sure that if a customer places an order by fax,  you can then route and fulfill it efficiently.

Email Archival Solutions

As more business is done electronically, and email often becomes a part of a business record, more thought needs to go into how you retain these emails. With tight integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, and others, we work with you to determine whether you need a server side capture of emails, to a simple repository that your users can print to.

Offsite Backup

To ensure complete security of your documents against accidental loss, Deau can provide secure automated offsite backup services for your documents (or all of your data) through our partnership with MozyPro, a leader in managed services solutions.