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Client Testimonials

Great job! We found working with your company to be beneficial and professional. We will process the final invoice this week. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Eren and the rest of the team for a job well done! 

— Jeff Okely, Cobb EMC


Since implementing a system by Deau, we have saved hundreds of hours in employee time.

— Al Oliver, Special Projects Director,
Ackerman Security Systems


Your project lead will have at a minimum their ECM Master’s certification as well as their CDIA+
certification, the two standards for Electronic Content Management. As such, you can expect proficiency in
the following areas:

  • Identifying the problem and the business's needs to remedy the problem. Through meetings to determine business goals in terms of time, results, and ROI.
  • Establishing any system and security needs.
  • Determining current document quantities and potential query and storage needs for those documents.
  • Deciding output and potential paper needs for creating physical documents.
  • Recommending Solutions using ECM technologies such as document management, imaging, records management, workflow, web content management and collaboration.
  • Preferred approaches, platforms vs. solutions, enterprise vs departmental
  • Information architecture, interoperability, and integration
  • Sources of information and appropriate capture and migration mechanisms
  • Metadata and indexing
  • Types of taxonomies and their value including ontologies and folksonomies
  • Different levels of access control and security
  • Process improvements and automation
  • Search and retrieval technologies
  • Different ways of delivering information and content to employees, partners and customers

Planning for the implementation

  • Determining what your human resource needs are to accomplish the business's goals.
  • Determining a project timeline.
  • Define a problem and a goal for fixing the problem.
  • Establish a project timeline.
  • Strong focus on technological capabilities and limitations of existing and proposed infrastructure including hardware, software, networking capabilities, database space, userinterfaces, backup and recovery.
  • Understanding and focus on value of integration of legacy systems
  • Produce workflow processes.
  • Build project acceptance procedures.
  • Establish sign-off procedures.